Caidie Series Rotary Screen Printing Machine

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  • Parameters
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Caidie series rotary screen printing machine is our researched and developed open-type magnet printing machine with total intellectual property。after innovation of technology and inspection of market,it becomes a popular type。

It has below feature:
1.Open-type screen head, easy to install and dismantle screen, save waiting time of changing shift.
2.Magnet table is good rigidity, pressure of magnet rod is unlimited adjustable, it is suitable for different weight fabric.
3.CAN control system, HM(human-machine) panel to operate easily.
4.Inspect and display malfunction, guide and check to deal with malfunction quickly.
5.Servo motor individual driving, accurate and reliable auto register.
6.Screen frame can be lift up on the single side, which is convenient to clean and maintain.
7.Residue paste returned device, reducing pollution draining.
8.High configuration purchased from global market, it is stable and reliable.

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